Dealing with Equinophonia.

Enjoyinghorses Programme to deal with Equinophobia ®

Equinophobia or hippophobia is a psychological fear of horses. Negative experiences with horses during one's childhood may give rise to this phobia. Equinophobia may also be triggered by a fall from a horse. In many cases, people begin to avoid horses and this gradually develops from fear to a full-blown phobia.

The symptoms can be:

Feeling of terror

Anxiety (even if the horse is calm)




Shortness of breath

Sudden increase in pulse rate


Many treatment options are available for those suffering from it.

Enjoying horses treatment focuses on Cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on one's fears and the reason they exist, and  systematic desensitization, which focuses on gradually acclimating patients to their phobias.

The first step in this process involves touching a horse,  riding a horse for a short ride, and finally living a 3 days experience trail with a horse.

Enjoyinghorses only organises Equinophobias treatment twice a year. If you want to book for it, please send us an email to: