Leisure Worlwide Riding Holidays

We offer you rinding trips and experiences worldwide. Wheter starting out on a new hobby, searching for new riding routes or looking for a riding adventure, we are ready to offer you the right one. We have designed specific horseback experiences for you.


Center Based

A centre-based holiday tends to be more relaxing because you are able to unpack and settle into your room. The rides will have been designed to take you in a different direction each day and sometimes a centre based ride is known as a "petal" ride to illustrate this. If you are not sure about your riding ability or fitness then we recommend you choose a centre-based ride over a trail ride because it is possible for you to have a half day off during the week if you wish

Camping Expeditions

Journeys on horseback, which may entail a few hardships but reward you with an experience to remember and scenery which you might not otherwise have the opportunity to see. On these rides you have to take care to pack the appropriate clothing for the trip and to make sure you are fit enough for the journey. On many of the expeditions you camp in small two-man dome tents with sleeping bags on mats and limited washing/loo facilities but hopefully the views make up for that.


Horse Safari

Mainly in  in Africa, they are is truly spectacular. It's surely impossible to beat the wonder of watching a large herd of towering giraffe, as your horse quietly grazes, or the heart beating excitement of being face to face with an elephant. Some horse safaris are in areas where there is no dangerous game, so novice riders are welcome. Others are only for experienced riders in areas where you might encounter elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard or rhino - the Big Five. Accommodation on a horse safari varies from luxury safari lodges and very comfortable spacious safari tents with their own private bathroom, to simple busy camps with long drop loos and bucket showers.


Working Ranch/Cattle Drive

: Live the dream and take yourself to the world of John Wayne. On this type of ranch holiday you have the opportunity to be a cowboy and work cattle on horseback. However, the amount of cattle work to be done on a ranch depends on the time of year and many other factors, so if there is something you particularly want to do please check with us